If you know how to pose properly, you can work the camera for any occasion, be it your holiday snaps or a branding shoot. It’s a life-long skill that’ll serve you well time and time again.

My tricks, tips for posing like a professional.



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I truly believe we find ourselves in the right places at all the right times needed for our evolution and growth.

Photography is my gift and longing to know love had been my quest and is my story.

When I had my ‘happily ever after’ moment, it was the moment I realised how divinely planned my journey had been.

My story is not the simple story of a girl longing to be a wedding photographer. In 2010 wedding photography actually found me; It was my saving grace.… and I fell in love with love stories.

I never had good role models when it came to love and relationships. I would watch beautiful couples from behind my lens so in-love, declaring promises that seemed so far out of my reach. I would ask ‘What is love?’

Weddings allowed me to dream and to hope.

Love Stories allowed me to believe it’s possible.

I found a place where life was at peace, where I learnt about love.

We think it’s the most natural thing in the world to know love. This incredible force is so mystical yet such a basic human need. With its uncontrollable power and unpredictability, love is also one of the greatest fears of all.

Love gives meaning to our existence; to love and to be loved gives us peace, we feel happy, we are cared for and supported in life. It makes us healthy and vibrant and able to send that love we receive to all others.

This is why such a celebration as marriage is one of the greatest celebrations in our lives.

Let your love story inspire.




In the spring of 2013 I sold everything I had. I left the North of England with my camera and 1 suitcase and moved to Paris, to follow my dreams.

I had always dreamed of moving to France. I’d actually call it an obsession. But I never thought I actually would. 

I began to crave adventure and a new beginning. 

Paris started popping up on my radar. Perhaps subconsciously I had been searching for it. The heavens sent me a nudge. I noticed a student I used to teach photography to had moved to Paris for love. I immediately felt the urge to contact her and ask all about Paris and how I could make my dreams come true. It’s all sounded so easy.

At this time I had nothing holding me back except my fear of the unknown. I had nothing to lose.

I felt it was that ultimatum moment where I had 2 paths. The one where I had nothing to lose and I risk everything and take a leap of faith in to the unknown. Or I stay stuck, give up on the idea of France and forever wonder and live with regret of never taking that chance that I could of had.  

I chose to take the leap of faith. 

It’s was the best decision of my life. 






I really really love tea. I’m British so it’s a way of life. I can’t live without a good cuppa.

I love to grow my own vegetables. Organic all the way.

I photographed Queen Elizabeth doing a private investiture (knighting) ceremony. Craziest moment of my life. 

I moved to France with basic school french…. and my french is still not much better. 

I love hiking. I’m a nature baby. 

I was once in the air force cadets (for under 18s). I wanted to be a pilot.

I’m one half of one of those lovey-dovey couples.





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