If you know how to pose properly, you can work the camera for any occasion, be it your holiday snaps or a branding shoot. It’s a life-long skill that’ll serve you well time and time again.

My tricks, tips for posing like a professional.







A wedding is the beginning of the next chapter of a couple’s life together.

The most important aspect to for us is to capture the natural brilliance and authenticity of the celebration creatively.

You may have spent many years or months imagining your perfect day from; the walk down the aisle, the moment you say ‘I do’, to the finer details.

Each person, each wedding, each moment is unique. At the end of the day, we believe this is the way your photography should be; it’s about framing your special day.

We simply capture your unique story as your day unfolds in an artistic style; the laughter, the tears, you and your guests dancing the night away and most important of all, the love between the bride and groom.

We like to have some time with the bride and groom to create some beautiful images away from your wedding party. These are very relaxed – we just let you and your partner have a kiss and cuddle somewhere pretty and we capture the results.

We work in a documentary and fine art style capturing the event as it flows, however we also understand the need for a few more formal group portraits. We are happy to do around 8 traditional group shots.