If you know how to pose properly, you can work the camera for any occasion, be it your holiday snaps or a branding shoot. It’s a life-long skill that’ll serve you well time and time again.

My tricks, tips for posing like a professional.




Are there any images from my website that inspired you to book me? Do you want to emulate that style in your images?

Do you have a Pinterest Board you want to share with me in advance.

Then we can reference Pinterest boards, images and magazine spreads that inspire you during your shoot. 

This way you don’t get to the end of the shoot and wish you would have tried that thing you had in mind. 



I love to showcase beautiful photo-shoots on my website. It’s what inspired you to pick me as your photographer. My work has a strong editorial and fashion influence. I capture and plan all of my clients photo-shoots with showcasing these images on my website in mind. This inspires me to be a better photographer, challenge my own creativity and produce luxurious romantic images that will make your Love Story Album look like a magazine feature. I love to submit beautiful gorgeous pre-shoots to third party blogs such as The Wedding Scoop, with your permission.  

Paris wedding photographer, France wedding photographer, Pre wedding Photographer


At the start of your day before you are camera ready, I love to collect your special details and take them aside to photograph. I bring along my styling boards and create beautiful pretty, studio inspired photos of your most special details. Your details could include your oh so pretty rings, shoes, perfume, flowers, stationery (invites, announcement cards with envelope) buttoners, your dress  and anything particularly sentimental or unique that you’d like photographed (maybe a piece of jewellery passed down through your family or a DIY project that you spent days on.  *You could ask your florist (or allow me permission to ask) for a few extra stems so I can create pretty styled details for you using your wedding flowers theme.  Purchasing a matching coloured ring box looks super cute to show off that amazing engagement and or wedding rings.  http://themrsbox.com/     www.lapetitbox.co.uk     Bring along a set of your oh so pretty wedding stationary for me to capture at this point in time. I’m in love with the Calligraphy + Design by Joy:  http://www.studiofrenchblue.com/        *Don’t forget to bring or post to me your paper goods: Wedding invites and or announcement cards etc… So that I can shoot these as part of your details collection.

France wedding photographer, Italy wedding photographer, Paris wedding photographer, Pre wedding photographer Europe, Paris photographer,


Getting ready is one of my favourite parts of the day to shoot. These photographs will be an essential part of your story, so I want you to look and feel amazing. Wear something oh so pretty and elegant. You could wrap yourself up in the most delicate romantic french lace and opt for some tasteful timeless boudoir portraits once you’re hair and make up ready. (*Please remember to ensure you leave ample time in your itinerary). http://thelaceatelier.com/ have a beautiful range.

France wedding photographer, Italy wedding photographer, Paris wedding photographer, Pre wedding europe,


Keep the room you are getting ready in as tidy as possible. That way you’ll have the clean beautiful look you desire to see in your photographs.

France wedding photographer, Paris wedding photographer, Italy wedding photographer, Europe pre wedding photographer,


Have your outfits organized with the accessories and shoes. This will make wardrobe changes much quicker. Please please please iron/ steam all of your clothes. Suits and dresses!!! Any crease shows up larger than life on camera.  If you are wearing a BOW TIE… please practice tying this well in advance of the photo-shoot. 

If your hotel isn’t in the centre of Paris and you don’t want to take time to go back to your hotel to change outfits: You can change either in your hired van (it has blacked out windows) There is shopping centre by the Louvre that you can change in (only available during opening hours). 

We think Paris is the kind of place where you dress up. Take this as an opportunity to embrace your inner Parisian and go with something formal and romantic. Black, white and pink shades look best in dresses against the soft romantic colours of Paris. 

Matching a cute coat with an outfit looks great and can keep the chill off working outdoors in cooler months. Hats & sunglasses can be fabulous too for some chic photos. I love flowers too. 

If you are unsure on which outfit to wear, feel free to send us photographs of your outfits so that we can give you advice on what would photograph best.

Paris pre wedding photographer, Pre wedding in france


Unless you book the VIP collection, transportation is the responsibility of the client.

You are welcome to hire a chauffeur service, some recommendations are provided on your ‘Recommended Suppliers List’.   

**I have an assistant so It’s necessary to consider 2 seats in your chosen transport for us.  I’ve found that a van such as a Mercedes van is a great option. Also great for changing in, as they have blacked out windows.**

Please note: Paris is huge. The Eiffel Tower is outside of the city centre. 



Absolutely! Tell us your absolute preferred locations/ monuments or ideas and let me design the rest!

I will then present you with a plan that is achievable for your time allowance. From this I can recommend a start time if you require that.

You could also leave the portraits entirely in our creative hands. Upon booking, all details will be planned together.

Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, Pont Bir Hakeim, Avenue Camoens

The Louvre / The Tuileries Gardens / Pont des Arts

Notre Dame Area – Banks of the River Seine, The Ile Saint Louis,

Place Vendôme / Pont Alexandre / Palais Royal Gardens


And many more….


Be flexible and smile about it! Bring an umbrella for some cute and wonderful photos. If the rain is strong, we’ll stop for a coffee and wait out the intensity. There are many locations in Paris that are under cover for pretty photos.  Please see this BLOG Where it rained on their pre-wedding shoot day.  I’ve captured many weddings in both rainy weather and melting heat. Planning with both in mind allows you to embrace the unexpected and have fun with whatever mother nature gives us.  Keeping an open mind will allow spontaneity and magic to surprise and delight you, and make your wedding uniquely yours.  

Please please please don’t watch the weather until 24 hours before your big day. It’s 90% of the time wrong. I’ve had a client crying on the phone with me 2 weeks before their big day because the weather showed rain. Then on the big day it was beautiful sunshine. Watching the weather in advance just causes unnecessary stress if it’s not the news you want to see. 

If it does rain it’s not bad either.  Be flexible and smile about it! You could bring an umbrella for some cute and wonderful portraits photos. For Paris weddings; there are many gorgeous spots undercover.  If the rain is strong, we’ll try and re-jig the itinerary and or where possible and utilise indoor locations in your beautiful venue.  

Paris pre wedding photographer,


I love to meet my clients at their hotel (if in Paris) prior to the shoot or at a pre-planned meeting place. This will be arranged during the shoot planning stages. 

The time you booked starts from the moment we take the first photo.

Your hair & make up artist should inform you what is the best time to start with hair and make up allowing time for you to be in your dress and ready for our shoot time.

Paris wedding Photographer


Please speak to me about the best time of day for your photo-shoot. As light and other variables change throughout the year.

If you are requiring a specific location this may need to be photographed at a certain time of the day too. As a rule it’s best to avoid outdoor mid day harsh light (12-4PM) during the summer months. My favourite times to start shooting are 1 to 2 hours after sunrise and 2-3 hours into sunset.  Depending on the length of your photo-shoot.  And of course I love night shoots.

Please note in the Summer, night falls very late.   In June it is impossible for a night shoot because it doesn’t get dark until around 10:30-11 pm. 

Pre wedding paris photographer,


Hiring a great professional hair and make-up artist DOES make a huge difference. They know how to get you camera ready.

If you don’t like your hair blowing in the wind consider having an updo. Because it can be especially windy near bridges in Paris. Or consider avoiding locations near bridges. 

Take the opportunity to be pampered in your hotel and look and feel like a movie star. 

The most important thing you can bring to your shoot is your confidence 😉 

If you feel confident in your skin (and clothes) and believe you look amazing, it’s going to show in your images and you’ll have a lot more fun!

Don’t worry, you will get lots of tips and direction to make you look and feel great too.   Just relax…  🙂

France wedding photographer, Paris wedding photographer, Italy wedding photographer, Europe pre wedding photographer,WHAT NOW? 

Please email me if you have any questions or need any advise.  I love it when clients share with me your pre-wedding planning ideas for colours and styles etc.  It allows me to plan how I can tie your colours and style in with photographing your details all luxuriously and much more.    

Feel free to send me photos of anything you confirm such as; your style and colours, your dress, flowers, shoes, announcement cards, accessories.  I will add these to your file and it really helps me to plan the photography to perfection.